Is your closet bursting at the joints with clothes you rarely wear? Do you sigh every time you open it but you do not have the time to sort through it all? If you answered yes any of the above then you would definitely benefit from our closet detox service.


We will come to your address and help you reduce, clear and re-organise your wardrobe. That will involve helping you decide what to let go of, what to keep and how to make your current wardrobe work better for you.

We will then advise you which items could be sold at Label Once Loved (at the usual commission rate of 50%) and which could be taken to charity. We would then take them all away for you and do this on your behalf.


A pre-paid charge of £70 covers the first two hours, £40 per hour thereafter. (These prices are based on a 10 mile radius of Label Once Loved. For locations over 20 miles £10 extra is added per 10 miles.) 

To book please contact: Vanessa at